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Off Road Rally in Águas da Prata and The Story of the Vigilante Rodoviário

On Sunday November 26 there was an off-road rally here in Águas da Prata.

I didn't participate but we heard them roar by our street in the morning, sirens, horns and engines all revved up. It was raining and they went up the west mountain into the farm, "Fazenda Verde" and beyond. I ran out to take photos but missed them. We could see them going up the mountain from our verandah.

Late in the day we heard them returning, sirens, horns and engines all revved up again. I rushed out with my camera again and once again I missed them. But I went down to the Thermos and there were a bunch parked there.

They must have had a wonderful time because they were all covered in mud!!!!

Here are the photos I took of them, parked, after the Rally!


Nice way to park!

Is this a Late Model Jeep?

Not as much mud on these two!

With all the mud and stickers how can he see where he is going?

Look at the keys in the door. Very trusting indeed!

Here is a Suzuki!

This guy may have won. Look at his collection of mud!

Maybe this guy beat him!

This guy surely didn't go on the rally but it was his siren we heard. Isn't this a beauty?

Another view of the car. It is very famous. It parks in the Police Station on the Highway. It was an actual Police Car and saw many years of service. The owner is Carlos Miranda, a retired actor and Policeman.

One of these days I will find out more about the Rallys and maybe actually ride in one so I can get some real action photos over the course. After all, a little mud never hurt anyone!

Now read all about Carlos and his car and his careers in the next Post!

Photos by Urso Branco

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